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Man who previously chained himself to Wexford garda station gates fined for criminal damage


Wexford Courthouse.

Wexford Courthouse.

Wexford Courthouse.


A Wexford man who previously chained himself to the gates at Wexford Garda Station as part of a self proclaimed protest was convicted of criminal damage in his absence at Wexford District Court.

Thomas “Tommy” Furlong (36) of Flat 3, 2 Mary Street, Wexford, was charged with criminal damage to a car wing mirror at The Faythe on November 1, 2019.

When the case was called by Judge John Cheatle, there was no sign of Furlong. His solicitor Tim Cummings read aloud a text he had received in relation to his client’s absence, which said that he was “unable to make court as he’s had a nervous breakdown”. 

“I know, to use an old Irish saying, that he does suffer from his nerves Judge,” Mr Cummings said, explaining that the case had been put back for his client to pay compensation. “He has had psychiatric issues in the past. He’s not here and I have no medical proof, but I would say that this man has had mental health issues in the past. He chained himself to the gates at Wexford Garda Station once in relation to some perceievd grievance. He had indicated to me that he was coming today to pay the balance.”

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Sgt Victor Isdell informed Judge Cheatle that Furlong had six previous convictions including disorderly conduct (arising from the incident at the garda station) assault causing harm, public order and urinating in public.

Having heard all the details, Judge Cheatle opted to fine Furlong €500 in his absence.