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Is Wexford’s proposed quayfront pavilion dead in the water?


An image of the proposed Pavilion on Wexford quay front.

An image of the proposed Pavilion on Wexford quay front.

An image of the proposed Pavilion on Wexford quay front.


Is the proposed performance pavilion on Wexford quayfront a non-runner, given that no progress has been made on the project, building costs have increased and the deadline for spending the allocated €250,000 of Government funding is July?

That’s the question asked by Wexford councillors at the Borough District Council meeting.

"Is it a dead duck, is it gone? Did we not get a specific date and timeframe for the spending of the money?” asked Cllr George Lawlor.

Borough Engineer Sean Kavanagh told him the deadline was the end of July.

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"So we will have the pavilion built by the end of July”, said Cllr Lawlor.

Mr Kavanagh said the the council is currently going through the tender process. A number of packages were put out to tender but tenders were not received for all of them.

The tender process will have to be completed before the estimated final cost can be determined and the council is working to conclude that process.

Cllr Lawlor asked if an extension had been given for the spending of the grant.

Mr Kavanagh said they had a meeting last week in relation to the grant funding and there is an issue in relation to projects like this around the country.

“We discussed an extension and we would be confident that the timeframe for this project will be extended. It is accepted that there is an issue in relation to all projects as a result of price inflation.”

"When we finalise costs we will be able to have a meaningful discussion with our funding providers and we will be able to provide more information to members.”

Cllr Leonard Kelly asked how much has been spent on the project to date and sought an assurance that councillors would be kept informed before anything is agreed, especially in relation to any increase in matching funding by the council.

"If you take inflation into account, the cost will be higher than the grant that was allocated. What is happening in relation to it?” asked Cllr Kelly.

Acting Director of Service Brian Galvin said the council needed to get tenders in to get a firm idea of price.

“We will then go to our funding agency to see if they will provide that and we will come back to the members.”