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High praise for staff involved in Wexford Bridge road works


The road works at Commercial Quay.

The road works at Commercial Quay.

The road works at Commercial Quay.


Three weeks of road works at Wexford Bridge could have been disastrous for the town in the middle of the tourist season but it turned out to be what Fine Gael councillor John Hegarty described as “a Ronseal job”.

Congratulating everyone involved, he said they did what they were supposed to do and the three-week contract which ended last Friday as scheduled, passed by without any major problems.

"I wouldn’t say it it worked seamlessly but it makes our job a lot easier when we say it is finishing at 4 o clock and it finishes at 4 o clock, when we say it will take three weeks and it happens.

"It still inconvenienced people but certainly, it was a well-run job and I would like to praise all the lads who were involved. They did a Ronseal job. I would like to congratulate everyone involved.”

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Acting Director of Services Brian Galvin thanked him for the comment and agreed that the job went well.

"The contractor worked very well, the traffic management people worked very well and our resident engineer kept it monitored and made changes when it was necessary.

"Given the time of year and the location, I think it was well-managed in terms of minimising disruption to traffic and local businesses.”