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Gorey motorist jailed for two years after he knocked down a man who raised concerns over his driving


Wexford Courthouse.

Wexford Courthouse.

Wexford Courthouse.


A man who reacted violently after a passenger criticised his driving earned a two year prison sentence for assault causing harm.

Jonathan Walsh (44) was drunk when he knocked Michael O'Driscoll over with his car in Courtown, the Circuit Court was told.

He left the scene but returned armed with a metal baton and a 'sharp object' which he used to stab O'Driscoll repeatedly.

One address on the court record for the accused was Tanglewood, Rathnure.

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However at the time of the assault he was residing in Courtown at 4 Seascapes, Ardamine.

Garda Alan O'Shea gave a summary of the events of the night of June 4 in 2018 to Judge James McCourt.

Michael O'Driscoll and his partner were socialising at Jimmy's pub when their party was joined by Walsh.

They all moved on to the Shipyard where the defendant appeared intoxicated as he played pool, danced and smoked cigarettes.

Nevertheless, at closing time he went to his car and Mr O'Driscoll sat beside him in the front of the vehicle, with two women in the back.

After they set off, the front seat passenger became uncomfortable with the way the car was being driven.

He got out and then found Walsh coming at him in his 2007 Kildare registered Volkswagen Passat.

He jumped into the air as the car hit him around the knees and he fell on the pavement.

The Volkswagen sped off leaving the injured party and the two women, who were staying in a mobile home park, to continue on foot.

Before they reached their destination, Walsh came at them wielding something described variously as a baton or crowbar or tyre iron.

He swung this weapon at Mr O'Driscoll who managed to pin his attacker to the ground.

He saw the sharp object in the hand of the accused before the latter ran off to his home nearby.

Mr O'Driscoll was found to be bleeding and he was collected by ambulance to be brought to Wexford General.

His injuries, which proved superficial, included three stab wounds, inflicted to chest, arm and abdomen.

The weapon which caused these injuries was never recovered, Garda O'Shea confirmed.

In a victim impact report, which was read out to the court, the injured party stated that he had been left with physical and mental scars.

'My life will never be the same,' he wrote, adding that he lived in pain for months after the incident.

Also considered during the same court sitting was an incident in Enniscorthy where Walsh dragged the owner of a BMW from his car and then drove off.

This matter was considered by a jury earlier this year and he was found guilty of unauthorised taking of the vehicle.

The incident apparently arose out of previous dealings which the two men had over a different car.

Defence counsel Jordan Fletcher said that his client left school after Junior Cert and he had no formal qualifications.

His partner was present in court and Mr Fletcher noted that the defendant looked after their four children while she was out at work.

Judge McCourt observed that Walsh had displayed appalling anger during an unwarranted and unprovoked outburst.

The two year sentence was imposed for the assault, with the closing six months suspended.

A two year disqualification from holding a licence was handed down for dangerous driving.

And the car-jacking in Enniscorthy was marked with a one year sentence, to run concurrently.