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Fake online bank scam costing duped customers thousands in New Ross area


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At least six local people have have fallen for an online banking scam whereby they lodged hundreds of euros as a down-payment on a loan, only for the money never to land in their account.

Gardaí have been receiving distressed calls from people in their twenties who have lodged up to €500 in deposits through Revolut and Paypal into bank accounts having logged on to slick looking banking websites.

‘They are purporting to be genuine loan companies. The companies are looking for the first two months of payments upfront,’ a garda spokesperson said.

‘Say you’re looking for €5,000 you make a down-payment of €500. The money is transferred out of the country.’

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The professional looking website has caught scores of people in the region in its web. 

‘Once the money goes through they cut off all contact and don’t send on the loan as promised. It’s causing a lot of distress and people are looking for the money.'

All of the matters are under investigation but the sergeant cautioned that these probes are very complicated.

‘People are well aware of Revenue and Social Welfare scams but mightn’t be aware of this one. We would recommend for people to check the Central Bank register and search for legitimate banks there.’