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Expanded Local Link bus route is welcome addition to Enniscorthy


Cllr. Cathal Byrne and Cllr. Garry Laffan.

Cllr. Cathal Byrne and Cllr. Garry Laffan.

Cllr. Cathal Byrne and Cllr. Garry Laffan.


THE expansion of local link bus route in and around the Enniscorthy area has been broadly welcomed in the town.

Cllr Cathal Byrne said the new service will enable people living in rural areas around the town to have easier access to it.

"I’m delighted to see the expansion of the route,” said Cllr Byrne, who was present for the first run of the Local Link Route 384 along with Cllr Garry Laffan. Five return services will run each day, Monday to Saturday, while there will be four return services on Sunday. Cllr Byrne said he hopes Galbally will be included soon too.

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In addition to Cllr Byrne both Cllr Laffan and Minister James Browne also welcomed the expansion of the service and said the new route will improve connectivity to villages between Enniscorthy and Wexford including: Tomnalossett, Wilton, Bree, Ballyhogue, Killurin and Glynn.

"It’s in important step in improving the connectivity of rural transport services,” said Min Browne while Cllr Laffan said it will provide connectivity for people in rural areas between both towns. The staff and drivers of Local Link Wexford for the service they provide to the people of the county.