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Energia gets go-ahead for windfarm surveys off Wexford coast


Wind turbines.

Wind turbines.

Wind turbines.


Renewable energy company Energia has been granted foreshore licences carry out surveys for a proposed new offshore wind farms off the Wexford and Wicklow coastline.

The proposed wind farms are to be located at a minimum of ten kilometres and up to 25km out to sea and the surveys will take place over the next 18 months to two years.

The locations seek to maximise the potential available and urgently address the climate crisis, through the use of cost-effective technology that has been installed around the world in water depths up to 60m.

Details on the projects will be presented in an open and transparent way to the public through a series of public consultations, as well as ultimately in a statutory consultation to support planning applications that Energia expects to submit in 2023.

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The surveys, for which licences have now been granted, are similar to those that have already taken place for a small number of other projects around the coast of Ireland to identify potentially suitable areas for offshore renewable energy generation.

They will provide information on the ecology of the sea area and detailed imagery and conditions of the seabed. This will involve two and occasionally three vessels in the area at any one time.

A spokesperson for Energia said that there will be no negative impacts on the marine or coastal environment and that offshore wind energy projects are in line with the aims of the government’s Climate Action Plan and Programme for government, for greater volumes of renewable energy to create sustainability of energy supply from green and renewable sources.

“The South Irish Sea project will make a positive contribution to decarbonising our energy supply and reducing emissions. The project will supply 100 per cent green electricity to supply over 500,000 homes.

“Our Fisheries Liaison Officers have undertaken pier visits in Wexford and Wicklow and are available for any questions relating to the fishing or maritime industries.

“The project is at an early stage but consultation is a central part of the project development process and details of upcoming public consultations will be announced soon.

“We understand the importance of building long-lasting relationships with the communities we serve and support and welcome feedback on the South Irish Sea project,” the spokesperson said.