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Crisis averted following jet ski accident in Cahore


The lifeboat being retrieved from the water.

The lifeboat being retrieved from the water.



Cahore Inshore Rescue crew and public bystanders rushed to the rescue last week when two brothers fell off their jetski and found themselves in difficulty.

On Thursday afternoon at 4 p.m., Cahore Inshore Rescue crew received an alert asking the boat to respond to two people who had fallen from their jetski into the water. Two brothers in their twenties, who were visiting Cahore for the day from Dublin, had never used a jetski before the day of the incident, which saw bystanders rush into the water to try to support them. While neither of the men could swim, they were wearing lifejackets and, with the help of some local people, were able to float on their backs to the shore. By the time Cahore Inshore Rescue Service arrived, the two men were on land. 

"By the time the boat got there, people on the beach had taken charge of the situation,  reassured them and helped them back into shore. One had hit his head, and both were very cold and quite unsteady on their feet,” explained Chairperson of Cahore Inshore Rescue Service, Ann Connolly. “The crew administered first aid. One of the men had a head injury so they kept him in a safe position and supported and reassured him until the ambulance arrived.”

Both of the men were assessed by the ambulance crew and taken to Wexford General Hospital. One of the men was treated for concussion while both of the men also had mild hypothermia. 

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As the men were taken away in an ambulance, another incident occurred. A survey boat working in coordination with Arklow wind turbines had noticed there was an issue and decided to navigate in though Cahore Bay. However, owing to the low tide, they soon found themselves lodged on the rocks.

“There’s a rocky patch at Cahore Bay called the Patches and at low tide, it is very easy to get into trouble there. The survey boat became lodged there and our crew went back out to assist them,” explained Ann.

Later in the evening at higher tide, the Arklow RNLI All Weather Lifeboat came on the scene and managed to free it and tow it to back to Arklow. While the boat was damaged, all of the crew were safe.

Commenting on the use of jet skis at Cahore, Ann said that this is not the first time they have been called to an incident involving the vehicle.

"We have had incidents over the years,” she said. “It is an ongoing thing there. The County Council have buoys in the bay to protect the swimmers from them. Most people would respect that but every now and then, you get a renegade who doesn’t.”

The rescue crew comprised of Helmsman Ed Connolly, Crewmen Donal McGrath and Rob Murphy, DLA Gerry O’Loughlin, Shore Crew Sarah Horgan, Ger Byrne and Conor Burke.

"They worked very hard to ensure everyone was ok and everything was ok,” said Ann.