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Woman damaged garda cars


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An Enniscorthy woman was told to pay €100 to the court poor box after she damaged two garda cars at Ballymurn Lodge in March 2020.

Zoey Murray (21) of Ballymurn Lodge was charged with threatening and abusive behaviour as well as criminal damage.

Her solicitor told the court that she was making good progress having been accepted onto a hospitality course, and was working at the Talbot Hotel in Wexford.

He added that things had settled down for Murray and she hadn’t come to garda attention since and that the cost of the damage had been refunded.

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The court heard that Murray had no previous convictions and that the total cost of the damage done to the two garda patrol cars was €146, with the bonnets being particularly damaged.

Judge John Cheatle dismissed the case after Murray paid €100 to the poor box.