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Wexford motorist wins appeal but must complete driver awareness course


Wexford Courthouse.

Wexford Courthouse.

Wexford Courthouse.


A motoring conviction imposed on Julie Healy of 2 Kyle Close, Oulart, in the District Court was quashed on appeal but with a condition.

A Circuit Court hearing heard evidence of the appellant’s driving in a Volkswagen Passat early on the afternoon of October 25 in 2021.

Garda Laura Tobin reported that oncoming vehicles veered on to the hard shoulder as Ms Healy carried out an overtaking manoeuvre.

The Passat pulled out across hatched road markings on the N25 between the Maldron and Whitford roundabouts on the outskirts of Wexford Town.

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The result was the conviction for driving without due consideration.

Ms Healy (37) insisted that there was no need for anyone coming against her to move into the hard shoulder as the road was so wide.

And she said she did not see any motorists flashing their headlights at her as recalled by the garda.

The court concluded that her awareness of what was going on around her on the day in question had been far from perfect.

The appeal was allowed with the condition that she must complete a ‘driver awareness’ course.

The case was adjourned until July in order to allow her do so.