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Sunburn prevents seat belt being used properly


Gorey Courthouse.

Gorey Courthouse.

Gorey Courthouse.


A case was struck out of Gorey District Court after a man claimed he couldn’t wear his seatbelt properly due to sunburn.

Sean Redmond (46) of Woodlawn, Ballygarrett, Gorey was charged not wearing a seat belt on the R742 Ballygarrett in May 2021.

The court heard that Redmond was spotted bare chested driving a van going in the direct of Riverchapel on the day in question.
Redmond told Judge John Cheatle that he was burnt with the sun, and had the belt on under his arm but had pulled in at Doyle’s garage to pull the belt on.

He said that he told the guard on the day that he had it under his arm for that reason, but the garda said he hadn’t been wearing the belt at all. 
Judge John Cheatle struck the case out.

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