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Judge refuses to deal with case in district court saying victim’s injuries are ‘too serious’


Gorey Courthouse.

Gorey Courthouse.

Gorey Courthouse.


A district court judge refused jurisdiction in the case of a man charged in connection with an alleged assault due to the serious nature of the charge.

Judge John Cheatle was told by the solicitor representing Jim Doran, 3 Marconi Park, Enniscorthy, that a plea was being entered in relation to the case.

The defendant is charged with violent disorder arising out of an incident that occurred at Cort Na Silini, Cherryorchard, Enniscorthy

The court heard it’s alleged the defendant was with four other people and was involved in an altercation with the injured party in the matter.

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It’s alleged the injured party was assaulted while playing football with his friends and received two black eyes, a fractured nose and had one of his front teeth knocked out.

“I am refusing jurisdiction, it’s too serious,” said Judge Cheatle after viewing photographic images of the alleged victim’s injuries.

He then adjourned the case until June 22, to await DPP consent.