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Councillor raises concern about shifting sands in Curracloe


Cllr George Lawlor on Curracloe beach, close to the Raven Point.

Cllr George Lawlor on Curracloe beach, close to the Raven Point.

Cllr George Lawlor on Curracloe beach, close to the Raven Point.


A councillor has warned about a growing problem of coastal erosion in Curracloe, home to Wexford’s award-winning and most popular beach.

"There is erosion taking place but it's not as noticeable because its not affecting any housing or commercial or leisure activity. But there is quite an amount of sand being moved around there”, said Labour councillor, George Lawlor.

"It is having an effect on the Raven Point where it's getting close to the forest and a section of it could end up under water. There was some work done previously but we need to look at it again, if we are to ensure that this beautiful part of County Wexford is not damaged by the ravages of the sea.”

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Cllr Lawlor who met with concerned local residents on the beach, has asked Council officials  if there are any records of the level of the sand dunes in Curracloe over the years.

Environment officer Hugh Maguire has said the Environment Section of Wexford County Council is carrying out an indepth study, using drone footage, in relation to coastal erosion, with the assistance of independent engineers.

He said shifting sands are not an unusual phenomenon in Curracloe and he will get local authority technical staff to look at the area referred to by Cllr Lawlor.

Mr Maguire said there are 260 kilometres of coastline in County Wexford and not all of it can be protected. The Council prioritises areas where there are settlements and infrastructure.

Cllr Lawlor has asked that senior environment engineer Gerry Forde be invited to a meeting of Wexford Borough District Council to give a report on the Curracloe erosion problem and how to tackle it.