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Census 2022 shows Wexford’s population has risen 9.2% as Model County ranks fifth highest for inward migration in Ireland


The preliminary results from Census 2022 have just been released.

The preliminary results from Census 2022 have just been released.

The preliminary results from Census 2022 have just been released.


THE preliminary results of Census 2022 show that Wexford’s population has seen a rise of 9.2% since 2016.

At the time of the last census, the model county recorded a population of 149,425. With the public having completed census forms back in April, the Central Statistics Office (CSO) has now revealed that Wexford has seen a rise to 163,527 or 9.2%.

This increase was slightly above the national increase of 7.6%, with Ireland recording a population of 5.1 million as of April 3.The rise, however, did not come as a shock, with Wexford having become an increasingly popular location to live as people seek to escape the crowded capital and with an increasing trend towards working from home.

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In fact, Wexford saw one of the highest levels of inward migration since 2016, with 9,487 people opting to move here. It was by far the highest in the south east, with Waterford gaining 7,564, Carlow 2,807 and Kilkenny a paltry 1,756. In fact, Wexford saw the fifth highest number for estimated net migration in Ireland.

However, all counties saw a population growth since 2016, the highest being Longford with 14.1% and the lowest being Limerick and Donegal with 4.2%.

One of the notable aspects of the preliminary report is that, while population in Wexford increased by 9.2%, in the same period the total housing stock for the county rose just 5.6%. The numbers serve to illustrate the current housing crisis we find ourselves in and how a combination of new people arriving into the county and natural increase has us playing catch up.

Co Wexford has a vacancy rate of 7.5%, which is relatively in-fitting with the rest of the south east, Kilkenny recording 7.7%, Carlow 7.2% and Waterford 7.1%. In Wexford, 1.9% of properties were vacant in both the 2016 and 2022 census.

Although vacant properties in the county decreased by 9.1%, there were still 5,377 lying idle in April, compared to 5,377 in 2016.