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Business coach to run course to inspire women


Business and mindset coach Jo Flood.

Business and mindset coach Jo Flood.

Business and mindset coach Jo Flood.


‘RISE Up and get your License to Soar’ is a new course for 2022 for women who are seeking to achieve great strides forward in their careers.

Wexford-based mindset and life coach, as well as business growth coach, Jo Flood is an expert in how the many facets of life in general intertwine with growing a business. 

“While the business growth strategies are important, it’s often not the crux of the matter at all,” she said.

Ms Flood has discovered that the majority of business owners struggle with a lack of confidence, self-limiting beliefs, poor time management, as well as a massive lack of boundaries around work and their personal lives. This all contributes to stress, which then often leads to burnout.

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One of the first steps is to recognise something’s wrong and then understand that ‘change doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by change’, she said, quoting motivational speaker and entrepreneur Jim Rohn.

“When you fully embrace this idea and make a commitment to take the actions required, your life will change for the better.

“The next step is to really dig deep and decide what exactly you want and then make a plan of how you’re going to get there. We create a Gap Map showing you where you are right now, the destination and the gap.”

For Ms Flood, the gap is the holy grail and this is where she has created a toolbox to help her clients manoeuvre and put in place the steps required to get them there.

Jo has distilled her knowledge and experience into a self-directed course, Rise Up – License to Soar, to help women reimagine their lives and think way beyond what they ever thought possible. The bonus is a one-to-one coaching call with Jo. Call 087 2240135 for more details.