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Built heritage of Enniscorthy to be discussed at special talk in library


Dr Jonathan Derham.

Dr Jonathan Derham.

Dr Jonathan Derham.


An informative and interesting talk on the built heritage of Enniscorthy will take place in the town library on Thursday, August 11.

The Building Stones of Enniscorthy, millions of years in the making’ is the title of the talk which will be presented by Dr Jonathan Derham, from the EPA.

He will take the audience on a journey examining the various types of stone used to construct the different buildings throughout the town.

However, he will also look at how ancient historic events such as volcanoes, floods, deep oceans, ancient coral reefs, earthquakes and glaciers shaped the locality and left the landscape behind that people are familiar with today.

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A spokesperson for the library said: “You will see fossils that are way older than the dinosaurs and building stone that has travelled from other parts of the world to find its way into our public spaces.”

“Shopping will never be the same again as you begin to appreciate the 100s of millions of years the town has been in the making,” said the spokesperson.

Those attending can bring along their favourite stone and Jonathan will them about it.