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BRITA partners with Wexford’s Seal Rescue Ireland in eco-friendly initiative


Jeshua Taucher and Melanie Croce of Seal Rescue Ireland.

Jeshua Taucher and Melanie Croce of Seal Rescue Ireland.

Jeshua Taucher and Melanie Croce of Seal Rescue Ireland.


BRITA Ireland is challenging the residents of Courtown to reject single use plastic water bottles for a more eco-friendly, sustainable solution.

To assist in this innovative project, BRITA will be gifting free jugs to the local community at Courtown Harbour car park on Wednesday, May 25 from 10 a.m.- 6 p.m.

The initiative is the culmination of a long partnership that BRITA have with Courtown based Seal Rescue Ireland (SRI). Working with Executive Director Mel Croce and her team at SRI, BRITA have seen first-hand just how much single use plastic pollution effects this seaside beauty spot, one of the many of Ireland’s coastal towns impacted in a similar fashion.

BRITA have already seen how effective such a campaign can be, as they previously challenged the residents of Valldemossa, Spain to do the same.

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“Courtown is a similar sized town as Valldemossa. We are really hopeful that the local community will come on board, embrace the challenge so that there is a tangible, noticeable difference in the use of single use plastic by local households ”said David Bates, Managing Director, of Bluestone Sales & Distribution.

BRITA will document the initiative on video and will make a return visit to Courtown mid-June to ask the local participants for their feedback, personally and collectively, on their single plastic consumption since using their jugs.

BRITA, Seal Rescue Ireland and The Courtown Community Council (CCC) have high expectations for the project and hope that the finished video when published will inspire other households and communities around the country to emulate Courtown’s pioneering lead.

David Bates on behalf of BRITA said: “We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Seal Rescue Ireland over the years and are delighted to be working with them again on a campaign that will hopefully inspire others to reduce pollution. As an organisation we understand our responsibilities not just to be more environmentally aware, but also that we have a responsibility to drive other people’s awareness. Being based on an island, it’s clear to see the damage that single use plastic pollution is doing to our seas and it’s something that we all need to act on."

Mel Croce, Executive Director, SRI said: "Here at Seal Rescue Ireland we see the first-hand impacts that plastic pollution has on our marine life on a daily basis. Seals and other wildlife must navigate a world that's becoming more and more littered with our plastic waste each day, in which they risk ingesting it, becoming entangled in it, and the long-term health issues associated with micro-plastics.

"SRI is proud to be joining forces with BRITA Ireland and Courtown Community Council to help our local community become less reliant on one-time-use plastics by making the easy switch to BRITA water filters and jugs, which can prevent virtually thousands of plastic water bottles from ending up in our seas and landfills. As the country with the highest amount of plastic waste per capita in the EU, Ireland has a big responsibility to make positive change, and that change can start here with the people of Courtown.”