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Bridge delays down to anti-skid works in Cullenstown


Little Cullenstown, Shanoule.

Little Cullenstown, Shanoule.

Little Cullenstown, Shanoule.


The installation of a special ‘anti-skid’ surface was given as the reason for the delay in opening Chapel Bridge at the monthly meeting of the New Ross Municipal District. Roads engineer David Murphy explained to the members that works were currently being undertaken at Cullenstown Bridge by a special contractor who had been acquired from the UK and that once those works were complete the contractor would move on to Chapel Bridge..

The contractor is laying down the anti-skid surface on Cullenstown Bridge and once that’s open he will be going straight to Chapel, he’s only here for a week and that’s why we have to go straight from Cullenstown and do the works on Chapel,” said Mr Murphy. This, in turn, played into delays at Raheen Bridge where works are now expected to commence in early August. 

“The specialists are coming across from the UK, it took time to procure them,” added Director of Services Eamonn Hore. “That’s why Little Chapel and Cullenstown have to be done in the same time period, we apologise for the delay but it’ll end up being a better job in the end.” 

“Everything else is done,” agreed Mr Murphy. “The only thing outstanding will be the anti-skid works. It’s a thin layer of surface which goes on the top, they shock blast the surface down to the original surface, put on a primer and then put the anti-skid surface onto the bridge itself.”

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