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Athenaeum to reopen to offer classes to Ukrainians


Athenaeum in Enniscorthy.

Athenaeum in Enniscorthy.

Athenaeum in Enniscorthy.


The Athenaeum in Enniscorthy is being reopened by voluntary group Fáilte as a centre for the teaching of English classes and other activities for Ukrainian people a few days a week.

The Athenaeum Committee has given the group use of the premises which has been closed since before the Covid pandemic.

"It’s a pity to have it closed and it will be good to see it in use again”, said former District Manager Ger Mackey who is currently working on Wexford County Council’s Ukraine Project.

"Fáilte are going to set up a place where members of the Ukraine community living in Enniscorthy can go. The community living locally now numbers well over 100.”

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Mr Mackey said the Athenaeum initiative is driven by Fáilte which he described as an outstanding group doing fantastic work for Ukrainian refugees including helping to find school places and employment locally.

“They were looking at vacant premises that they could use and the Athenaeum is ideal as it’s in the centre of town”.

He said the Athenaeum Committee is currently taking stock in terms of the future use of the building.  Afterwards it should resort to being available to the general population of the town  and that was up to the people of Enniscorthy and the town council to decide.