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Assurances given that Duncormick is not being left behind in flood relief works


Flooding at Kirwan's Garage last Christmas.

Flooding at Kirwan's Garage last Christmas.

Flooding at Kirwan's Garage last Christmas.


Concerns that Duncormick was to be left out of flood relief schemes in the coming months have been allayed by engineer Mark Collins at the July meeting of the Rosslare Municipal District. With funding of €157,770 approved to cover the provision of demountable flood gates and barriers on affected properties in Bridgetown this week, Councillor Jim Codd feared this meant other areas affected by floods last Christmas were to be ignored.

There’s been no mention made of Duncormick or the low-lying houses which were destroyed by flood waters at Christmas,” he said. “Do we have any plans to do anything for the people of Duncormick? What about the one-off houses? Are they to be forgotten about altogether?” 

However, as Mr Collins explained, those fears had no foundation.

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“The scheme for Duncormick is a much smaller application that Bridgetown but it’s no less important,” he said. “That scheme has been drafted but hasn’t been officially sent to the Office of Public Works (OPW) yet. But I can assure you the works being done in Bridgetown won’t delay the ones being done in Duncormick. As for individual houses, the OPW are not going to be funding that, but we have done extensive works ourselves to improve drainage in those areas.”

“I’m surprised Duncormick didn’t go in at the same time as the one for Bridgetown, I cannot see the difference in being flooded in one or the other,” noted Cllr Codd.

But Mr Collins insisted the council was following best practises and that no one area was considered more important than the other. 

“Bridgetown was always going to be the first priority, it’s not a lessening of importance of any location, it just has a higher concentration,” he said. “Duncormick is in a valley and there’s less properties affected but there will not be any delay, it’s the same contractor doing both works.”