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Arrest after thefts from New Ross grave


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A person has been arrested for stealing items from a grave at St Stephen’s Cemetery in New Ross.

An individual not from the New Ross area was arrested having been seen taking items from a grave in early July.

Superintendent Jarlath Duffy said there was an allegation made by a member of the public that figurines and lanterns were taken from graves at the cemetery.

He said gardaí are treating the matter with the utmost seriousness.

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"It’s a different crime to a house being burgled, but it’s equally an emotional crime. People put a lot of time and money into maintaining graves to ensure they are looked after and if anyone moves items or interferes with them it’s a serious matter.”

He said gardaí are aware of disorderly conduct in the cemetery, adding that this matter was different and ‘unusual’ in nature.

"I would classify it as unusual. We are not getting reports of these things happening every day of the week. The person(s) were arrested for alleged thefts of items from that grave, whether it was a family grave we don’t know.”

Anyone with information regarding the theft of items form graves at the cemetery can contact gardaí on 051 426030.