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Appeal for vigilance as dog found badly wounded dies




Wound on dog.

Wound on dog.




ANIMAL WELFARE activists have appealed to the public to look out for pets that may be involved in blood sports after a dog found severely injured last week died.

When found, the Patterdale terrier was unable to stand, had an open wound on his neck and head and facial injuries, so was brought to Wexford SPCA.

Brigid Cullen of the organisation said that he was in a terrible state. 

“We named him Clive when he arrived, and he was was found on the Gorey side of Camolin by a couple who said that he could barely crawl over to the car. Although age is hard to tell, we would say he was about mid way through his life but wasn’t neutered or micro-chipped. His two back legs were buckled and he could not stand and appeared to have severe head and eye injuries. We found an open wound on the neck which had worms and maggots coming out of it and he also had a number of old injuries and what appeared to be bite marks.

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“We’d fear that his animal was being used for hunting, fighting or badger baiting. His eyes were badly blood shot when he came in and he had a big bite to his head as well. We got him on a drip, but he collapsed and lost all power in his hips so we knew it was better for him to put him down and he passed away peacefully. It was clear to us that this dog had been suffering for a long time,” she said.

Ms Cullen said that the incident was reported to gardai after fears were expressed that this type of activity was happening more regularly.

She added that if you suspect cruelty to any animal you can report in confidence to the WSPCA 053 9143919.