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Animal welfare groups urged to apply for grant funding


File photo of a puppy

File photo of a puppy

File photo of a puppy


MINISTER James Browne is encouraging registered animal charity organisations in County Wexford to apply for funding through the 2022 Animal Welfare Grant Programme

The application process of the grant scheme is now open and Min Browne said animal welfare is a priority for the Government.

“I am keen to see that County Wexford’s animal welfare charities receive grants from the Department of Agriculture to support their valuable work,” he said.

In December, 2021, registered groups in Co Wexford received €133,625 in funding through the scheme.

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Interested organisations wishing to apply for the new round of funding can do so through  https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/e881c-animal-welfare/#funding-to-animal-welfare-organisations.