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€82,754 in funding for Gorey Library to expand on My Open Library service


Gorey Library.

Gorey Library.

MOL timetable.

MOL timetable.


Gorey Library.


Government funding totalling €82,754 has been allocated to Gorey Library to allow for the continuation and expansion of the My Open Library service.

My Open Library Service in Gorey Library offers extended opening hours by providing library access to My Open Library members from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. Gorey Library was one of the first libraries in the country to adopt the service and the funding from the Department of Community and Rural Affairs will allow them to expand on its success to date, according to Minister James Browne.

“My Open Library facilitates access outside of normal opening hours so early morning, late in the evening and seven days a week. It allows greater access to the facilities in the library so that people can take books out at hours that suit them,” said Browne following his announcement on social media about the funding. “It is an essential service, in particular for young and older people, and allows for social inclusion as well. Not everyone is into sports and other activities. The library is what a lot of people do so it is positive in that respect.”

Gorey Library is inviting all service users including previous My Open Library members to book an induction. This can be done via the Wexford Libraries website or by phoning them on 0539483820.

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You must be 16 or over to register for this service. A parent or guardian must accompany 16 - 18 year olds to the induction appointment and also become an MOL member. Under 16's can access only with a parent or guardian. All normal library services are available to My Open Library users, including free Wi-Fi, computer access, printing services, borrowing and study spaces.