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100 Million Trees project gets off the ground in Gorey Town Park


Planting in Gorey Town Park.

Planting in Gorey Town Park.

Planting in Gorey Town Park.


A total of 1,000 native trees were planted at Gorey Town Park recently as part of ‘The 100 Million Trees Project’ – an initiative with a goal of planting 100 million native Irish trees across Ireland throughout the next decade.

Developed by brothers, Richard and David Mulcahy, the project is aimed at reversing the environmental damage caused by the reduction of forests worldwide.

The project’s ambitious aim will be achieved through densely planting between 1,000 and 2,500 native Irish trees at a time across small areas of land using ‘the Miyawaki method’.

This method is named after Japanese Botanist, Professor Akira Miyawaki, who developed the technique in the 1970s. By planting excess trees together, they grow considerably faster, denser, are more biodiverse, and most importantly create a very rapid carbon sink and provide excellent areas of biodiversity.

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Speaking at Gorey Town Park, Chairperson Councillor Donal Kenny thanked Richard and David Mulcahy for choosing County Wexford to launch their project. He welcomed all and strongly encouraged voluntary groups, sporting organisations and the business community to look at areas that may be suitable for planting.

"We are extremely grateful to the sponsors of this project for opting to plant 1,000 native trees which will give the visitor a glimpse of an evolving natural woodland,” added District Manager Philip Knight.

Richard Mulcahy said that ‘The 100 Million Trees project’ will be an “an impactful and meaningful project to mitigate climate change”.

"So many people feel powerless in the face of the huge threat created by global climate change – but The 100 Million Trees Project is an easy way to begin climate mitigation right here, right now.”