What are Head Shops and what do they sell?

HEAD SHOPS are retail outlets that began as shops selling pipes, bongs (water pipes) and paraphernalia associated with cannabis consumption.

Many Irish head shops sell weighing scales, plant-growing equipment and a number of products still legal, but used to alter mood and sensory perception. HERBAL INCENSE - Often sold as pot pourri, but smoked as marijuana alternatives. Examples include Spice Gold and Yucatan Fire. Listed ingredients include Rosa Damascena and Vanilla Plainifolia but laboratory analysis of some products has shown the existence of synthetic cannibinoids. KRATOM - A psychoactive leaf grown in southeast Asia, its effect is that of an opiate. It also comes in varying strengths. BATH SALTS - Though labelled as bath salts, these white powders are used as alternatives to cocaine. Examples include Charge, Snow and Snowblow. Listed ingredients on Snow packaging include creatine, caffeine and hoodia. PILLS - These break down into energy pills, with listed ingredients that include caffeine and piperazine, which accelerate the heart rate and are designed to mimic the effects of speed, and party pills designed to give an Ecstasy-like euphoria. Examples include Speed and Activate, in the former category, and X 4 Ecstasy and Empathy in the latter. SALVIA DIVINORUM - A psychoactive herb traditionally used by Mexican shamans for spiritual healing sessions. Considered one of the most potent and dangerous products still sold legally, it has hallucinogenic properties and is sold in a number of different strengths.