Wexford woman Niamh Una O'Leary (30) grateful for getting first job – ‘My mental health has totally changed’

John O'Shea from Glana and Niamh Una O'Leary who has started work in Glana. Photo; Mary Browne

David LoobyNew Ross Standard

A Co Wexford woman who was unable to find work for years has gotten a job after she appealed to local employers for work in this newspaper.

Ballywilliam woman Niamh Una O'Leary (30) started work in Glana in New Ross last month and is loving every minute of her job.

Having interviewed for a job in the Glana shop – one of scores to do so –she was thrilled to be told she had gotten the job.

"My mental health has totally changed as well I’m much happier and a healthy mind all makes a huge difference in the space of a month. I’ve totally changed as a person. I’m much happier as I’m less stressed. No more social welfare which is a huge relief it was so stressful.”

Niamh said she is very grateful to Glana owner John O’Shea for giving her the opportunity.

Having sent out hundreds of CVs over recent years for jobs in the New Ross and Waterford areas, Niamh said she feels she can move on with her life now.

"I'm in my thirties and I had never had a job. No employer had ever taken me on for a job," Niamh said.

Niamh said she highlighted her situation on local media and on Newstalk, not only for herself but also for others in the same position.

Having finished secondary school, Niamh did some FETAC level courses, completing her last one in March.

She said she wants to start driving and to have her own house and boyfriend and to start a family some day, adding that having a job brings her closer to these ambitions.

Mr O’Shea said both he and a colleague, Matt McMillan saw Niamh’s story in the New Ross Standard online and wanted to help her.

He said the Glana shop needed a staff member and when a position became available, they reached out to Niamh.

"We had a lot of applicants and we saw that Niamh put a lot of effort into her CV. I think nowadays lots of young people don’t give enough information in their CVs these days but I think they should.”