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Wexford woman Niav McNamara is stepping out for her first Women's Mini Marathon in support of Bumbleance


Ballymoney native Niav McNamara

Ballymoney native Niav McNamara

Ballymoney native Niav McNamara


Ballymoney native Niav McNamara will put her best foot forward when she takes part in the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon in an effort to raise funds for Bumbleance, the National Children’s Ambulance Service.

The event will be a significant one for the mother of five. Not only will it mark her first ever mini marathon, it will also serve as another leap forward in her recovery from a mini stroke she had last year. 

"Having had a mini stroke last year, walking has become a very important part of my recovery, so my theory is if I’m going to be walking, I may as well put it to good use and raise some funds and awareness for a worthwhile charity,” she explained.

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“Having a stroke, even a mini one, really takes its toll - physically, mentally, emotionally, cognitively, socially – hammered! I guess not quitting is one piece of the magic I hope to share in this process. The other magic is the endless support that one can find in a group of women – being here to support and encourage each other is definitely magic!”

Niav will balance her mini marathon training with a busy life. In addition to being a mother, she works with the Open Training College Dublin as a social care educator and elearning developer, and with Gorey Community School Adult Education Department as a childcare tutor.