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Wexford twins Adam and Dylan Duffy give Conor McGregor a thank you gift before jetting off to international MMA competition


Adam and Dylan Duffy with Conor McGregor.

Adam and Dylan Duffy with Conor McGregor.

Adam and Dylan Duffy with Conor McGregor.


Ballycanew twins Adam and Dylan Duffy have their sights set on success as they prepare to take part in the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) World Championships in Abu Dhabi.

The 13-year-olds jetted off to Abu Dhabi on Monday accompanied by their trainer Richie Ivory. However, before leaving for the international competition, they paid a visit to their hero, Conor McGregor, who previously donated €10,000 to a fundraiser aimed at funding their trip.

“The lads brought him a present, which was a figurine of him. Dylan had left his shinguard up at a training centre in Dublin so we had to go up on Monday. I was waiting for them to come out of SBG and I was having a nose on Instagram and where was McGregor, only in The Black Forge. So we went over and he was delighted with the present. They were over the moon. They gave him a card and he read it and everything,” said their mother, Liz.

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According to Liz, Adam and Dylan were extremely excited before leaving for the trip on Monday.

"Adam was talking about his game plan on the way up. He said he’s going to go for loads of wrestling,” she said. “They have been training really hard but with the weight class Dylan is at, he has had to be very careful with what he eats. He has had to work really hard for it. When he is finished with the fight, he said he’s going to eat burgers, cake and chocolate and absolutely everything.”

Adam and Dylan will compete in the competition on Wednesday and Liz is hoping that it will be streamed online so that members of the community can cheer them on from Wexford.

In total, the fundraisers aimed at helping the twins to travel to Abu Dhabi raised over €11,000, €10,000 of which was donated by McGregor. 

"Without McGregor’s donation, we would never have made it,” said Liz.

The boys had hoped to raise €6,000 to fund the trip for themselves and coach Richie. The remaining money is being used to buy equipment for Richie Ivory’s gym, while Liz also hopes to donate some money to Waterford Neonatal Unit, where the twins were born.