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Wexford songwriter Eoin Devereux releases his new single ‘Stay in Bed’


Eoin Devereux.

Eoin Devereux.

Eoin Devereux.


ONE of County Wexford’s brightest new songwriting talents is about to release a new single and accompanying video.

Eoin Devereux, from Enniscorthy, is fast making a name for himself on the contemporary Irish songwriting scene as a writer whose material, from a lyrical perspective, touches on emotive and thought-provoking subject matter while from a musical view point offers up very commercial arrangements and melodies.

Not one to hide behind a mask Eoin said the new song, ‘Stay in Bed’, was written while Eoin was going through a hard time and at a really low point in his life.

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“I wanted the song to have a positive message and remind myself there is a brand new day, every day,” he said.

The new single, which was released on Friday, June 24, is Eoin’s second release this year and follows in the wake of the very well received ‘Set My Eyes On You’.

Eoin is hoping his material will resonate with audiences across Ireland and beyond as he works hard at building a name for himself on the contemporary singer-songwriter scene.

‘Stay In Bed’ begins with a three-word unaccompanied vocal intro before the accompaniment kicks in.

Contemporary sounding, the song is based around a mid-tempo, groove-pop style rhythm and one of the things that is immediately apparent is the quality of the vocals.

The song has an infectious melody and the way the artist utilised a double-tracking type approach to the lead vocals is very effective.

It gives the vocal a deep, broad resonance and adds greatly to the appeal of the song. There is an old school pop feel to the song that creates a brilliant vibe and the overall arrangement is excellent.

There are moments where the accompaniment is pared back to the bare minimum and that happens at points where the lyrics are very personal and potent: “I can’t feel, like myself, I don’t know what to do, can’t ask for help, ‘Cause everyone looks like they’re just doing fine. They’d never say a word, oh no, no’.”

There is a very obvious focus on mental health to the song and from that perspective it’s a track that will likely strike a chord with many people of all ages and that’s something Eoin is hopeful will happen.

The video for the song is also compelling and offers a kaleidoscopic visual backdrop to a song that is a powerful statement in its own right.

County Wexford and Ireland in general are known for the quality of songwriters and musicians they regularly produce and from the evidence produced by the likes of Eoin Devereux to-date it’s a talent well that isn’t going to run dry any time soon.