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Wexford Historical Society talk on ship’s hidden treasure


Carnsore Point.

Carnsore Point.

Carnsore Point.


Local diver and marine expert, Edmond O'Byrne, will be the speaker at Wexford Historical Society’s next lecture where he will present ‘Rare Ship/Rare Cargo 1787: A National Loss to Deplore’. This talk tells the story of the discovery, loss and remains of the cargo ship ‘Recovery’ which was located about 300 metres off the south Wexford coast in 1787.

Edmond will recount how the ship, containing a valuable cargo of stone and marble-carved Italian statues bound for Dublin's Custom House, was blown off course in the Carnsore Point area during a stormy period of bad weather and raging seas, and ultimately foundered in sandy and stony ground, off the coast of Wexford. In his work as a diver Edmond has worked to locate, discover and maybe someday, bring some of this valuable and historic ship's treasures to the water's surface, once more.

The forthcoming lecture is in Wexford's Whites Hotel on Wednesday, February 15 at 8 p.m. 

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