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Wexford camera club exhibiting at Kilmore Quay Food Festival


Silent Harbour by Catherine Friend.

Silent Harbour by Catherine Friend.

Silent Harbour by Catherine Friend.


The Wexford Camera Club is hosting an exhibition in the Kilmore Quay Food Festival starting next week and is inviting visitors and potential members to come and see its work. The club was founded in 1979 by enthusiastic amateur photographers who wanted to encourage photography in the local area. It hosts educational workshops, speakers and takes part in national and local competitions and run our own competitions too.

Its exhibition will be in the Stella Maris Centre, Kilmore Quay for the Food Festival from July 5. It will also be exhibiting in the Loch Garman Band Hall during the Wexford Opera Festival.
“We hold regular meetings every second Monday in St. Joseph’s Community Centre, Whiterock Wexford and online. We welcome new members and visitors,” said club secretary Catherine Friend. “Contact wexfordcameraclub@gmail.com or visit our website wexfordcameraclub.com, our Facebook and Instagram pages @wexfordcameraclub and our Twitter page @CameraWexford for more information."

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