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St Iberius Church seeks to enhance its role in civic life


Rev Conor O'Reilly.

Rev Conor O'Reilly.

Rev Conor O'Reilly.


A new initiative from the Reverend Conor O’Reilly will seek to enhance the role of St Iberius Church in the overall civic and cultural life of Wexford town. Announcing the formation of ‘The Friends of St Iberius Church’, Rev O’Reilly said the aim was to create a group comprising of volunteers from across the local community who will “play an important role in developing the role of St. Iberius Church in Wexford and who are prepared to give of their time and efforts to provide welcome and hospitality to visitors to our Church and to give guided tours to those who wish to avail of it”.

This initiative is at a very early stage but I envisage giving the wider Wexford community an opportunity to be an important stakeholder in ensuring that St. Iberius Church both survives and thrives as a place of worship and as an important cultural, civic and historical site located right at the heart of the community in Wexford Town,” added Rev O’Reilly. 

Mindful that the Church of Ireland (COI) is relatively too small in a demographic sense, Rev O’Reilly said he is calling on people from “across the wider community who value St. Iberius Church's role in the wider civic and cultural life of the town” to volunteer as a group member and “make this vision for the future viability of the Church a reality”.

All volunteers will be provided with safeguarding training and will be garda vetted. Those interested in joining 'The Friends of St. Iberius Church' can contact Rev O’Reilly by phone on 089-4526027 or by email revconororeilly@gmail.com

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