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Sigginstown Castle in Wexford braced for a Strawberry Raid as new festival to take place over June bank holiday weekend


Sigginstown Castle.

Sigginstown Castle.

Strawberry Raid at Sigginstown Castle.

Strawberry Raid at Sigginstown Castle.


Sigginstown Castle.


The first ever Strawberry Raid festival takes place on the grounds of Sigginstown Castle this week.

Beginning on Thursday, June 2 and running until the Bank Holiday Monday (June 6) this five-day long camping event will feature a number of medieval-based activities organised by the shire of Dun in Mara, as part of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

An archery range will be available for SCA participants with a number of practice and competition activities planned. Armoured combat, as practiced in the society with rattan weapons, will also be scheduled for both practice and tournaments. There will be classes on combat practice and approaches to training and improvement given by one of the top practitioners of the port in the world, visiting from the USA.

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Other activities and classes broadly under the umbrella of the term ‘arts and science’ will take place during the event at scheduled times. This term covers a wide area of skills and practice and includes dance, bardic song and story telling, clothing, leatherwork, metalwork, and woodwork, cooking, cosmetics and jewellery, book binding, and literature research.

Food with recipes styled on the medieval period and earlier in history across the known world at those time will also be on offer.

Registration for the event is now open at https://fienta.com/duninmara-strawberryraid or contact the organisers at agneslaverte@gmail.com