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Practical tips for your daily Wellbeing


The view of a tree helps people recover eight times faster after illness.

The view of a tree helps people recover eight times faster after illness.

The view of a tree helps people recover eight times faster after illness.

Combining running a business with the responsibilities of family and other worldly duties and life stresses can often feel like a juggling act. I recently invited females entrepreneurs from the Local Enterprise Office Wexford Women in Business Network, facilitated by Deirdre O’Flynn to share their top wellbeing tips and this is what they came up with.

Jagdeep Sahans of Soul Scribe Calligraphy offered a simple but very valuable tip to start your day.   ‘My most helpful tip is for anyone suffering from that overwhelming feeling as they wake – have a really big stretch  before you get up, and in that moment give gratitude and thanks for the tiniest littlest things like waking, breathing and having a roof over your head. This takes no more than a minute, and if done every day will help reduce that feeling of anxiety.’  Starting the day well sets the right tone for the rest of the day and gratitude is proven to lift your mood. 

Lorraine O’Dwyer, owner of Gallivanting, loves to spend time in the woods.  Through her business, she offers guided woodland walks and forest bathing sessions. ‘Spending 2.5 hours a week in a forest environment is proven to steady your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system and cortisol levels and it gives you a large dose of dopamine. Studies have also shown powerful benefits for people living with addiction and anxiety. Even the view of a tree helps people recover eight times faster after illness.  It makes total sense when you consider, we, as a species evolved in the forests. It’s our natural habitat!’

Harriet Sheahan from Lovebaby’s top tip is: ‘Talk to yourself as you would a close friend, with kindness, support and love’. 

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Anne Colgan Clinical Director of The Haven Psychotherapy and Counselling Service offers simple but powerful advice.  ‘Think of the things you like to do and punctuate your day with one or a few of them’. 

Sarah Hanstock of sarahhanstock.com offers business management and strategic support to business owners / managers.  Her top wellbeing tip is: ‘Set clear boundaries around your time and do your best to single-task.  If you don’t set out specific blocks to take care of the different aspects of your life, you can end up in a constant state of frazzle and unease. If you’re spending time with your family, you’re thinking you should be catching up on work. If you’re working, you’re worrying about hoovering the hall. By planning in advance, you can focus solely on what you’re doing in that moment. Then you don’t panic as much about the other things on the list, because you know exactly when you’ll be taking care of those.’

Roisin Cantwell, a virtual assistant says: “I feel balance has a huge part to play in wellbeing. There’s always going to be things you don’t really like doing and need to get done but if you make sure you have things you enjoy too each day, it can make day to day life amazing. Rest and play are just as important as work!’ 

Tanyna Murray from The Hair Room in Clonard said: “Get outside , ground yourself in nature and breathe.  This really helps clear my head.  When I make the time, I function much better.  You will too’.

  All of these tips will help you mentally and emotionally. Some focus on the importance of rest and recharging your batteries.  Others will help you lift your mood and others highlight self-kindness. They are easy to apply.  Try one this week and see the difference for yourself.