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Free talk at Gorey Library offered insight into mental health


Bríd Cleary and Jennifer O'Sullivan.

Bríd Cleary and Jennifer O'Sullivan.

Bríd Cleary and Jennifer O'Sullivan.


A FREE talk in Gorey library offered people time and space to learn about anxiety and practical tools that can help them to manage it.

Led by hypnotherapist Bríd Cleary and yoga teacher and social care worker, Jennifer O’Sullivan, ‘From Anxiety to Serenity’ was a talk that explored how the mind works and how we can support it. The Gorey event marked the third time that the duo have held the talk and, according to Bríd, it has been extremely well-received across all venues.

“The response has been fantastic. I am amazed by the honesty of people who were willing to say that they are affected by anxiety. We get a huge amount of questions after each talk, and there is a lot of honesty in the questions asked.”

In the talk, Bríd explored topics such as the conscious and the subconscious mind, early life trauma and hypnotherapy, while Jennifer guided people through a simple yoga sequence to help to support their wellbeing.

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Bríd recently opened The Gate Hypnotherapy in Arklow, while Jennifer’s business The Unfurling Fern in Gorey is also in its early days. While they have no more talks scheduled, they can be contacted for more information via their respective websites or Facebook pages.