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Creating your ‘new’ normal post-Covid


Exiting a bubble can create new stresses for people. Go slow but face your fears.

Exiting a bubble can create new stresses for people. Go slow but face your fears.

Exiting a bubble can create new stresses for people. Go slow but face your fears.

And just like that…click your fingers and ‘normal’ life resumes. Or does it? Most of the conversations I have had since Friday, the day we heard the news of the ‘lifting of restrictions’ have noted that while there is optimism and excitement, it also feels a little ‘strange’.

While we did not have time to adjust to lockdowns, almost two years on, we can and it is important that we do give ourselves time to adjust to how we rebuild our lives.  Post-pandemic life will be different for different people. Restrictions affected nearly every aspect of daily life. Recovering from the disruption these changes created has the potential to cause new problems.  It will affect introverts and extroverts differently. 

Studies show that extroverts, who tend to thrive in social situations and gain energy from being around others generally have less stress and higher levels of resilience.  They will be more eager to return to pre-pandemic social habits.  Introverts, who tend to feel drained by social interaction and need more time to recharge after spending time in social settings may be slower to want to resume previous social habits .

One lady I spoke with said: ‘It’s strange to have everything starting to go back to normal.  It will take a bit of time to get used to and to stop the fear/anxiety that it brings.  It’s been ingrained in us to be scared of Covid for over two years and now, all of a sudden we have to get back out and live with it, without all of the protections that we have got used to’.  Others I know are keen to enjoy a better and freer social life immediately as evidenced by the busyness of many pubs over the weekend. 

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Here are six tips to help you prepare for your new normal. 

 Reflect on what you have learned about yourself over the last two years.   Many people enjoyed not rushing so much and not having to be places.  If that is you, design a social schedule that has a balance of being energizing, nourishing and enjoyable for you.

If your world feels smaller, understand that it may feel a little uncomfortable to get back to bigger events. Be patient and gentle with yourself and others in the transition.

Covid simplified our lives in many ways.  We did not need to assert ourselves boundary wise in many relationships.  As life gets busier again, it make take some adjustment.    Be mindful of pressures and new challenges that may come up. 

Reflect on what you missed from your ‘before Covid life’ over the last 2 years and reflect on what you enjoyed about the last two years and work to incorporate the best of both in your new normal - balancing your social life whilst maintaining the peace and slower pace you have discovered. 

Practice mindfulness and meditation.  This will help you let go of past worries and anxieties about the future and enjoy the present moment. 

If you have anxiety about getting back into the rhythm of life, prepare yourself.  Driving, attending social events, small talk at work, can bring about discomfort or even anxiety for people that have not being doing those things for the last few years. Some have lost confidence.  Exiting a bubble can create new stresses for people. Go slow but face your fears. 

And finally, don’t look for everything to go ‘back’.  Be open to and create a new and better ‘normal’ for yourself.