Wexford hypnotherapist to hold conference in Arklow this month

Carina McEvoy will be one of the speakers at the inaugural Irish Hypnotherapy Conference.

Amy LewisGorey Guardian

Professional hypnotherapists around Ireland will join together to share experiences and techniques at the inaugural Irish Hypnotherapist Conference in Arklow this May 20 and 21.

Organised by Wexford-based hypnotherapist and owner of Empower Hypnotherapy, John Scanlon, the event aims to bring together hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, and other professionals to gain knowledge, build relationships, and enhance their skills in the field. It will feature a variety of guest speakers and experts in the field including Carina McEvoy, Freddy Jacquin, Ken Falconer and Steven Travers.

“There has never been a hypnotherapy conference in Ireland so people working in this field aren’t really connected. There is no real national organisation for hypnotherapists either. The idea behind this event is to connect hypnotherapists nationwide,” explained John, who works part-time as a hypnotherapist in The Palms Wellbeing in Gorey and in Monageer, and part-time as an accountant. “You meet people, you learn things, you come up with ideas.”

While many people may be familiar with stage hypnotism as demonstrated by the likes of Keith Barry and Darren Brown, it can also be utilised in a therapeutic manner, supporting people with challenges such as anxiety, addiction and phobias.

“For change really to happen, if it can happen at a subconscious or unconscious level, the change is deeper and more effective,” explained John. “Basically, what hypnosis can do is help people to change their beliefs. It would be more famous for weight loss and smoking but it is also extremely beneficial for anxiety and for any kind of emotional trauma that people feel, and we all have it in some shape or form.”

It was his own experience of losing his parents as a child and the emotional trauma that came with such a huge loss that led John towards hypnotherapy, first as a client and later as a practitioner. He has seen it benefit a large number of people with a diverse array of challenges and said that it can be a supportive form of therapy for most people.

“Hypnotherapy works for the majority of people. For me, there are three conditions and if someone can answer yes to all three, it will work for them. The conditions are: something must change, I must be the one to change and I must want to change now,” he explained. “People see stage hypnotism and it helps them to understand the power of the mind. By seeing that, they can come to understand that, if they can use that in that context, they can use it in any context and they can use it for change. Ultimately, the reason people go for the cigarette, or eat that bar of chocolate, or don’t do that exercise is a belief. And hypnotherapy can help you to change those beliefs.”

The upcoming conference will take place in the Arklow Bay Hotel on May 20 and 21. While it is primarily aimed at professionals, members of the public are welcome to attend. More information can be found at empowergorey.com.​