Light aircraft makes emergency landing in Wexford field

A light aircraft that was forced to make an emergency landing at a field in Kilcavan.

Amy LewisGorey Guardian

A pilot flying a light aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing in a field at Tara Hill following an engine failure during a recreational flight around the southeast.

The plane, which was carrying a pilot and one passenger understood to be from Hollyfort, were on their way back from a flight over Waterford and Kilkenny when the failure occurred.

They made a successful emergency landing in a field owned by local farmer, Seamus Goland, during which, no injuries occurred.

"I wasn’t around at the time that it happened but I was walking over to get into the house and I saw their plane in the field. I engaged with them and they told me that there was an engine failure and they had to land in the field. They had noticed oil coming from the engine and that’s why they decided to land,” said Seamus. “Nobody was injured and I don’t think there was any damage.”

The plane was removed by truck and trailer from the field by the owners on Monday.