Smoke damage at Pettitt’s following small fire

Fire brigades outside Pettitt's SuperValu, The Duffry, Enniscorthy.

Brendan KeaneEnniscorthy Guardian

ENNISCORTHY fire service was called into action in the town on Tuesday evening when a small fire broke out in a room at the back of Pettitt’s SuperValu store in the Duffry.

Customers and staff members were evacuated from the building shortly after 5 p.m. and two units of the fire service attended the scene along with an ambulance crew.

However, a spokesperson for the fire service said the store suffered a small bit of smoke damage and that the fire was contained to a small cool room at the back of the premises.

"It was just confined to that one space which was good,” said the spokesperson.

"The fire crew got it under control very quickly,” he added. Thankfully, there were no casualties and the store reopened again within a short space of time.