Shocking video shows man being violently assaulted in Wexford car park

A still from the video in which a man is seen apparently attacking another person in Enniscorthy.

Brendan KeaneEnniscorthy Guardian

THE gardaí in Enniscorthy have confirmed they are investigating an apparent assault that occurred in a car park in the town.

A video of the incident, has been circulating online, and appears to show an exchange taking place between two males.

One of the men is sitting in a car while the other man is talking to him through the window. After around a minute the man standing outside the car, who appears to be counting a wad of money, suddenly begins punching the person in the car.

Man assaulted while sitting in his car in Enniscorthy

At one point the car makes a slight move in reverse and the man outside makes repeated attempts to get inside the car, all the while throwing punches and apparently hitting the person inside.

Gardaí in Enniscorthy confirmed they are aware of the video and senior member of the force said enquiries are being made into the incident, which occurred on Sunday evening, May 14, in a car park located close to the Lidl and Aldi stores in the town.

Enniscorthy gardaí can be contacted on 053 9242580.