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Gorey woman Lisa Power is shortlisted as finalist in retail awards


Lisa Power.

Lisa Power.

Lisa Power.


Store Manager at Hickey’s Pharmacy Gorey, Lisa Power is in the spotlight for her leadership skills having been named a finalist in the Emerging Leader of the Year category of the Retail Excellence People Awards.

The Ballywilliam native, who worked in the store for nine years and as manager since March, is one of just five people from around the country to reach the final in this new award category. She said it was both a shock and an honour to be named a finalist.

"I didn’t even know I was nominated. I found out on LinkedIn and a lot of my colleagues from around the country had sent screenshots of it too. I honestly didn’t think it was real at first, and I burned my dinner because I got such a fright! Of course, I burst into tears. My little girl was beside me and asked me what was wrong so I told her the good news. I couldn’t believe it to be honest,” said Lisa, who was named Gorey Person of the Year in February. 

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Lisa received the nomination following an in-store discussion, in which she talked about some of the positive changes she has made in the shop in recent times. In this discussion, Lisa shared more about her desire to support others in the community.

"A lot of people have problems with their mental health at the moment. We want people to know that we are a safe place to go if they feel sad or don’t feel safe or just want a chat. So you can come in and buy fake tan and come in for a chat as well. I don’t want anyone feeling alone in this world,” she said. “Making sure everyone is looked after in the community is a priority for me.”

As a finalist in the Emerging Leader category and a manager of a team of 14, what does Lisa think makes a good leader?

"I think it is important that you don’t act like the leader. Remember that you are the same as everyone else and should be willing to do the same jobs you ask others to do,” she said. “I think leaders should also strive to help others on the team to build their confidence. I have a lot of younger staff and I try to teach them that Rome wasn’t built in a day, that they are young and just learning but they will get there. I always say that I am a hype woman who tries to instil confidence in people and put a positive spin on things.”

In her time at Hickey’s, Lisa has worked on the pharmacy’s blogs and social media accounts, something that she has much experience with. Her own Instagram and Facebook account “Lisa’s Beauty Basics” has garnered a large following of people interested in hearing her views on make-up, skincare, body image, mental health and a plethora of other topics.

On October 4, just four days before her wedding, Lisa will take part in a panel interview which will help to determine who is named Emerging Leader of the Year. The Retail Excellence People Awards ceremony will take place in Galway in November.