Wednesday 25 April 2018

All agreed it was a very bad night at the office

Alan Keane was in flying form before he was injured during the St. Pat's clash.
Alan Keane was in flying form before he was injured during the St. Pat's clash.

One of the first things I do after a game is check Twitter. No matter what the result is, it's always worth checking the social media site to see reactions from everyone.

It's somewhere that fans vent frustration, express delight and engage in just general conversation about the game, performance, players and basically everything.

It was always going to be entertaining following the loss to St. Patrick's Athletic on Friday night. Certainly a disappointing night, and pretty much everyone agreed it was a bad old night at the office.

Fans weren't the only ones to display anger and disappointment. The players were the same. And it's what makes Twitter and the League of Ireland so special. The interaction between players and fans is so good.

Of course, players will always receive abuse from opposition fans and because the league is so small, they're probably used to the same people abusing them over and over again. Another thing, when players go off injured during a game, if they have a Twitter account I tend to check if a few hours later to see if they've tweeted about their injury, which a lot of them do.

Alan Keane posted a photo of his broken nose on Friday night, which looked horribly painful, but it pretty much confirmed his injury. For players in leagues across Europe, they have so many followers that they probably only reply to a small percentage of them, unless they decide to do a Q&A session.

In our lovely league, if we want to know something, we generally just send the player a tweet and they'll more than likely reply, it would be too rude not to. Social media has made us feel closer, if you like, to our players. It's probably because we know what they're doing a lot of the time, not in a stalkerish way, but because they may tweet about it.

As fans, we like to read the reaction of players to games, and if we lose, it's almost comforting to know that they're also really disappointed with the result. And of course when they praise the fans it gets them extra brownie points.

Aside from the Setanta Cup game, a win against Drogheda on Saturday would be nice. Some fans are over-reacting slightly to the loss against Pats and a win against Drogheda would get them back on side.

Drogs are so up for the game it makes me rather nervous. They haven't been great this season but they're eager to beat Rovers, being proper eager beavers.

Their big blonde midfielder Paul O'Conor, hasn't been playing his best to Drogs this year and a lot is expected of him. I have a feeling he'll perform well against us, as he's mentioned to me once or twice that there is no way Drogs are leaving the Showgrounds with nothing. Hmm... Hopefully all they leave with is disappointment and we get to turn all the negative Neds into positive Peters. I'll have my fingers crossed.

Fans across the league seem to still think that Shamrock Rovers are up there as rivals for the title this year. I noticed a lot saying that Shams failed to take advantage of our loss, but in all honesty, Derry are the ones to watch.

It probably suits them to be getting little press and they can sneak up on us at the top, but they've just lost the one league game this year and that was against us on the very first day. They're a quality side and players like Barry McNamee, Patrick McEleney, Rory Patterson and many, many more are giving them excellent results.

Declan Devine's doing an excellent job with the squad and they deserve to be up there at the top fighting with us. Playing them in a few weeks is going to be tough but it's something to look forward to.

Sligo Champion