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Sligo wrestler looks forward to 'home' performance

WRESTLING THIS THURSDAY night, Irish Whip Wrestling are coming to the Mail Coach Road Community Centre in Sligo, and are bringing along all their top stars with them. Among the stars is Tourlestrane native Colm Marren, who wrestles under the name J.C. Williams. We sat down with Colm this week to ask him his thoughts on the upcoming show, his opponent Pierre Marceau, and much more.

Well, it’s the night before IwW’s Sligo show where you go out in front of your home fans; How are you feeling about the show in Sligo town?

I’m feeling very excited. Obviously, I give 100% in every match I wrestle, but tomorrow night is going to be special because its in front of my home town. I’m a Sligo man, and its going to mean a lot to me stepping through that curtain in front of my family, friends, and fans from my home county.

You hail from Sligo, and are the only wrestler on the IwW from the West of Ireland - how did you actually get involved in the wrestling business?

I’m a student living in Dublin, and had always been a big wrestling fan - I heard about IwW’s training gym (the IwW lock-up) around March 2005, and decided to have a look. I signed up, and found out that its tougher training than anything I’ve ever experienced before.

Everything, from moves, to submissions, to strikes, as well as keeping in shape is a challenge, but I kept at it and here I am. To date, I’ve had 16 matches, and am on the main IwW roster, as well as having facing international talent, but that said, I‘ve a long way to go.

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Many people call professional wrestling ‘fake’. What would you say to these people?

(laughs) Yes I do get that a lot. Well my response is usually to show them a bruise or bang on my chest, legs, arms, back and so on. The stuff you see on TV is mild - IwW are the real deal. When you see someone get forearmed in the head, that’s elbow on skull.

When I walked into the IwW lock-up, I thought "it’ll be easy, stamp a foot, fall around, simple stuff". When I started training, head trainer Red Vinny gave me my first forearm and literally knocked those thoughts out of my head! I got a shock to say the least.

On TV, wrestling looks tame - in person, you can see and hear each and every slam, kick and punch. It gives the fans a whole new appreciation for the wrestlers and wrestling in general. To the doubters and nay-sayers, I challenge you to either come to the shows or visit the lock-up, and you can make up your minds after that.

How are you feeling about your match tomorrow night? We learned earlier today that your opponent is ‘The French Paradoxx’ Pierre Marceau - who is he and how confident are you about beating him?

Pierre Marceau is one of the biggest and toughest men in IwW, and I’m really against the odds in this one! This guy came across from France, and his mission is to basically kick the ass of every Irish guy on the roster in order to prove his point that the Irish are barbarians and ‘culchies’. Well I take offence to that - he’s mouthed off one too many times about Ireland and ’culchies’ and its now up to me to shut him up. I've challenged Pierre to an 'Ireland vs. France' match and he' accepted.c Pierre is 6"4’, and 17 stone, so its going to be my toughest match to date by far! However, I’m going to put up a hell of a fight, and if nothing else the fans are going to be entertained, come hell or high water.

Finally, why should fans attend this IwW show?

It comes down to this - for the fans that know IwW, you know by now what a great show we put on everywhere we go. For the fans that don’t know about IwW or even pro wrestling, well I guarantee that you’ll be hooked after one show.

Our roster has something for everybody; the likes of Red Vinny and Vic Viper will simply amaze you with their high-flying, SOS and Drew Galloway will leave you gaping with their size and power, while Mad Man Manson and the Ballymun Bruiser will leave you roaring with laughter. Everyone, from kids right up to grandparents will love and enjoy our show, so I’d encourage everybody to come as its a family friendly show, and will be an unforgettable night.

IwW will be in the MCR Community Centre this Thursday 27th April.Doors open at 7pm. Tickets ?11 each available from Third Wave Music, 35 O'Connell St. Sligo, or on the door.