Monday 12 November 2018

McCabe wins National title

Luke McCabe, second on left, won the All-Ireland Judo championships
Luke McCabe, second on left, won the All-Ireland Judo championships

A local Judo athlete has added to his medal collection by winning another National title.

Luke McCabe, 26, won the All-Ireland Judo Championships in Dublin recently.

He won gold in the men's over 100kg and he is ranked number one in Ireland.

The Irish champion is also on the national squad and he had 4 fights.

They were all won very well and unanimously with huge throws and powerful hold downs from Luke.

He said he was very proud to bring the medal home for Sligo. He thanked Tnt Gym at Finisklin for their support.

Luke's next fights are in Leicester in March, when he will be representing his country.

The 26-year-old works in security in Quayside and door security at the weekend in the Garavogue and also plays for Sligo rugby team.

Luke has been doing Judo since he was nine years old when he first started lessons.

He has won many medals both nationally and internationally.

To be at the top of his sport, Luke follows a hard training regime, a strict nutrition to maintain high energy levels and is in extremely fit condition.

He trains for two hours every day in the gym.

The athlete travels to Galway and Dublin for national squad training and has trained with the best coaches from Ireland, Britain and Japan. British and Japanese trainers.

Luke is representing Ireland in the upcoming championships in Leicester in March.

This is an open event so there will be competitors from other countries such as Spain, Latvia and Poland to name a few.

His ambition is to keep winning and regain his number one ranking.

As he competes in the over 100kg category, this means that Luke, who weighs 106kg, could be taking on competitors much heavier, 130kg or so, as the category is open once it goes above 100kg.

This means Luke has to be at the top of his game to win these type of fights.

With the championships taking place next month in Leicester, Luke is hoping to return to Sligo with more medals to add to his collection.

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