Saturday 7 December 2019

Mark's 'Dip a Day' for ABI Ireland

On December 1st Mark Elliott will begin a fundraiser for Acquired Brain Injury Ireland (ABI Ireland). This unique event will be called 'A Dip A Day In December' and entails Mark getting into the lakes and sea around Sligo every day in December in just a pair of shorts and a swim hat.

Hail, rain or snow, Mark has committed to a Dip a Day for the 31 days of December.

Having worked with ABI Ireland in the past Mark said: "I was moved by the stories of the many brain injury survivors I met and it resonated deeply with me that they were once just like myself, leading every day normal lives until their life changing injury".

Mark went on to say that he read an article last year about a lady in England who set herself a challenge of getting into a lake every day in December and this is where he got the idea for the event.

A keen open water swimmer for the past number of years, Mark enjoys getting into the water and is fully committed to the challenge of braving the elements in the coldest month of the year.

However, Mark does not plan on doing this solo, he will be bringing new people with him every day, they have the choice of wearing a wetsuit or going in skins (no wetsuit, just shorts/swimsuit). They have all committed to help raise badly needed funds for ABI Ireland by sharing the link via social media.

Each day Mark will add the air temperature, water temperature and time he's spent in the water. There will also be photos of those joining him each day.

Since putting the event up on Facebook and Instagram he has received a very positive response and a lot of support from people through their very generous monetary contributions and encouragement.

Services Manager for Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, Teresa O Boyle said she is in awe of Marks generosity of time and commitment to the organisation.

She went on to say that "ABI Ireland is a charity and does depend on fundraising to continue to deliver quality and innovative rehabilitation for the persons we serve."

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland is Ireland's leading provider of community-based neuro rehabilitation for people living with a Brain Injury. Approximately 13,000 people acquire a Brain Injury in Ireland every year.

Often described as a hidden disability, Brain Injury is and can be a life changing experience both for the individual and the family.

People can find Mark and his team on "A Dip A Day In December" on Facebook and instagram, all they have to do is like the page and they can follow the progress, or if they want to donate go to

Mark wishes to say "thanks to everyone who has supported him and his team so far and he would ask that people continue to donate anything they can to this very worthy cause.

Keep an eye on social media to follow our progress, its sure to be interesting".

For further information on Acquired Brain Injury Ireland please check out

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