Sunday 17 December 2017

2013 Community Games project titles are released

THE COMMUNITY GAMES Projects titles for 2013 have been announced.

They are: Under 11: The Greatest Invention of all time. Choose what you feel is the greatest invention of all time ; the following aspects must be included in the presentation - A history of your chosen invention; Reasons why you feel this is the greatest invention of all time; Uses of this invention. Participants can then include any other elements which they feel may be important to their project

Under 13: Is the focus of underage sport based on taking part or winning ? Present a project based on the above statement, the following aspects must be reffered to during the course of the project; Design a poster representing what you feel are the most important things about taking part in sport to encourage young children to get involved in sports. You may draw from personal experience to support opinions.

Under 16: Research and discuss the impact advertising and the media has on the sort of lifestyle choices young people make. The following aspects must be referred to during the course of the project. Food choices. Exercise; Friendships; Design a media campaign ( e.g. a poster ) targared at young people to encourage a healthy lifestyle,Participants can include any additional inserts as they view appropriate for their project.

County draw 2013 for National Finals: Sligo. Provinical Draw 2013 First Semi-Final : Ulster v Leinster, Second Semi-Final Connaught v Munster. Round Robin Draw, A: Ulster B: Munster C: Leinster and D:Connaught, Second Semi- Final; Connaught v Munster, National Finals Weekend 1 - 24th to 26th May 2013, National Finals Weekend 2 - 16th to 18th August 2013

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