Friday 24 November 2017

Just seven weeks to go so get your fitness levels up!

Training aerobically will enhance your fitness and stamina.
Training aerobically will enhance your fitness and stamina.

With seven weeks remaining to the big event, it is important for all participants in both the 50k and 100k cycle to continue to build a strong Aerobic base. To build an aerobic base, you must exercise in the aerobic range and begin to gradually add more duration as the weeks go on to absorb the training effectively.

Aerobic base building workouts should be done at approximately 60-75% of maximum effort which allows the intensity to remain in the aerobic range. At this stage in the training cycle it is important to keep the intensity of your long spin at a moderate sustained level which will allow you to increase the distance each week.

As well as preparing you for the Skoda Cycle series, aerobic training has many benefits.

These benefits include increased calorie expenditure and promotes the burning of fat, increased resistance to fatigue, toned muscles and increased lean body mass, decreased tension, improved sleep and increased cardiac output.

It is important for all participants at this stage to get a least two aerobic sessions per week. It is also beneficial to combine these aerobic sessions with a weekly spinning class.

Spinning will increase your fitness on the bike, build strength for those tough climbs, burn up to 700 calories per class and each class will incorporate the two different types of terrains "flats and hills".

The Knocknarea Arena at IT Sligo is a registered spinning facility and with numerous classes per week. There is every opportunity for participants to take part in a class. Each spinning class is 45 minutes long and suits participants of all fitness levels.

For more info and to book your bike contact the Knocknarea Arena at IT Sligo on 0719305211.

There are a number of membership options for the gym at the Knocknarea Arena where we offer heart rate training profiles as well as power profiles on our newly acquired Watt Bike.

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