Thursday 18 January 2018

Greene returns but there's lots more to be done


AARON GREENE has returned to the Showgrounds in what has been another quiet week.

Aaron's career has stagnated since he moved back to Dublin and I'm sure it's a move he regrets. When he was here, he was becoming a regular in Noel King's U-21 side and he was also an FAI Cup winner. I believe his lack of football this season will make him extremely hungry to get back on the playing field and that could bode well for all Rovers fans.

We have been linked with Griffin of Dundalk and McDaid from Derry who had a short spell here a few years back. David McDaid has had his best season in senior football and he would be my choice out of the two.

When you look around the league after that there are not too many players I feel would improve the squad. As I've said I'm positive Ian will have a few tricks up his sleeves.

There are also a few members from last year's squad who have yet to put pen to paper, including, Richard Brush, Danny Ventre and Raf Cretaro. I don't foresee any of them leaving the club. There is a bit of hard ball being played by players, which is an annual occurrence at all football clubs. It's widely known that Trevor Crolly is a big admirer of Brushy and it will be interesting too see if he can be coaxed back to Tallaght. It's a crucial time in his career, because a keeper of his ability is wasted as a bystander. In Ventre's case my personal opinion is he won't leave and if he does it will probably be to reunite with Cookie at Chesterfield. He was pivotal for us last season, but as I said, I think he will stay. Raf's situation is one I'm not so sure of. He had a great second half to the season and scored important goals. I don't think he will leave, but I'm afraid if he doesn't sign soon his offer might be retracted.

Shams and Drogheda were busy this week adding a few new faces to there respective squads. UCD provided the bulk of the players with Ledwith going to Shams, O'Connor and Rusk to Drogheda and Bolger to Bohs. UCD and their involvement in the league always divides opinions, but they continue to produce stunning footballers while also educating them.

Conor Powell resigned from Shams and Barry Murphy returned to his former club. Young Ledwith is a top player and can play anywhere and is the signing of the week. Cassidy signed for Drogheda also, so let's hope come next week we have some new players added to our squad.

I've had many a row with referees over the years and they can drive us crazy at times. I don't envy the job they have, but I'm sure they all do it to the best of their ability.

The reason I bring this up is the treatment of Mark Clattenburg over the last few weeks has disgusted me. Here is a guy who was put on trial by the media instantly and was subjected to journalists camping outside his home. I don't condone racism or any sort of abuse, but players need to grow up.

I come from an era where, what was said on the pitch stayed on the pitch. I've said things to players and officials in the heat of the moment that I'm not proud of, but we would then shake hands and that was usually the end of it.

At times these arguments were sorted in the tunnel and that was that.

I hope this is the last of it and maybe we should take a lead from our rugby players and the way that they conduct themselves on and off the pitch.

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