Monday 23 April 2018

Two-point performance

What went wrong in the second-half......Sligo manager Kevin Walsh.
What went wrong in the second-half......Sligo manager Kevin Walsh.

A RELIEVED Kevin Walsh was happy with Sligo's first Allianz Football League win.

But, the manager found it difficult to explain how first half dominance was replaced by a sluggish second half performance against Antrim at Markievicz Park on Sunday.

Walsh said: "We got the two points and, at the end of the day, that was the objective."

"The first-half display was very good and, even against a strong breeze, we should have been out of sight at half-time. Looking on from the sideline, we would have been expecting that," he added.

He said Antrim had kept "coming and coming".

"From our point of view, the middle sector completely fell out it. That doesn't mean No.8 and No.9 that means the whole sector-breaking ball, everything," he added.

Walsh believes that once Antrim got a few points early in the second-half, Sligo started doubting themselves and perhaps there were questions going back to the defeat against Roscommon.

He said: "The big thing for us was the win. A win is a win. The first-half was as good a display of football that I've seen from us in a long time."

So what happened after the break/

Walsh said: " That is something we will have to work out.

"We had a lot of fellas who were in different positions and there are a lot of new fellas in the team.

"We need to develop leaders, particularly from set pieces after the ball goes dead.

"Someone has got to get up and make one good fetch."

The Galwayman felt that his side began to panic a little bit.

He explained: "We allowed them to play, rather than attack them. It might have been the case, like in soccer, where we tried to hold what we had-but that was unintentional.

"It certainly wasn't the plan at half-time."

Walsh recalled that last year Sligo beat Wexford by eight or nine points, but in the following game got "hockeyed".

He said: "We're off the bottom of the table, in the middle of the table, near the top. We have a lot of stuff to do, with all the players that have gone (from the panel) and we do need to find players for different positions.

"We also gave fellas starts and time will tell if it works out for them."

He did, however, pick positives from the second-half.

Walsh said: "The whole second-half wasn't all that bad.

"There were some good moves and we should have finished with four or five more points.

"We hit a few bad wides.

"If we scored some of those I would have been fairly confident that there would have been no pressure on use near the end."

He was pleased that his side had responded following the controversial defeat to Roscommon.

Walsh said:

"They gave a great first-half-that was the big thing for us.

"We didn't want them to come out flat in the first-half and the game to be over at half-time. I

"It wasn't the case, but we need to work on what happened in the second-half."

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